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What Works For You?

Image courtesy of Goodreads. They own it - I don't.

Image courtesy of Goodreads. They own it – I don’t.

Something I find crazy? How different we are as people. We each have different experiences and values, talents and pitfalls, and motivations that make us who we are.

Take you, for example. I have no idea why you’re reading this. You may be a friend that wanted to support me. You may be a recruiter that wants to get to know me. You may even be someone that read/watched my previous posts and wanted to see more (if this is you, thanks!).

The point is: we all come from different places. Some things work for us, and some things don’t – and that’s ok.

What works for me, and what I write about here, may not work for you. Anything I say or do isn’t the only way to do things. It’s just what works for me.  

I’m not writing or sharing these stories because it’s the “right” way.

I want to get your gears turning. I want to help you see that there are different ways to live and work. I want to help you think.

My goal is to help you figure out what works best for YOU. If sharing my experience can help you get there, then my work will be a success.

See, I’ve been getting more and more into self-awareness, and I wanted to see whether my self-image aligns with how I act. So a while back, I asked a few of my close friends – friends that have seen me in different roles – to send me a quote that reminded them of me.

This was one that I was sent.

Fuck. He hit the nail on the head.

The main reason I struggle with school: it’s all theory.

Don’t get me wrong, theory is important. Having a basic understanding of how shit works is the foundation to actually doing shit, but learning solely for learning’s sake is a waste to me.

What school lacks is application. Sure, we may get a few practice problems or cases to “apply” what we’ve learned, but it’s trivial. It’s a box we have to check.

Learning is valuable, yes, but acting on that knowledge is essential. Knowing shit is worthless if I don’t do anything with it. 

That’s what I’ve loved about working while I’m in college. I get to do shit that actually uses what I’ve learned in the classroom. I get to see how real businesses work in real time. I get feedback that’s constructive.

Good things in life come through ACTION. They come through getting shit done. The only way I can build the life I want is to work to create it.  

Learn the basics. Apply them to my life.

Find what I can do better. Do it.

That’s what works for me. That’s how my brain rolls.

Get to know yourself. Think about what jives with you and how you think. Figure out what you need to do to succeed, and how you define success. Then find a way to make it happen.

Let’s get cracking.

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