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Show 007

007. Ambition, Financial FREEDOM, and House Hacking with Scott Trench.

This week on the show, I’m thrilled to welcome Scott Trench. Scott is the author of Set for Life, host of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, and the CEO of BiggerPockets. We talk about ambition, the Four Pillars of Personal Finance, and the power of house hacking. Scott was my first introduction into the world of personal finance, and his method has stuck with me. He doesn’t focus on trimming the smaller expenses that we get the most joy out of. Instead, he uses house hacking to wipe out the largest expense we have: housing. 

Four Pillars of Personal Finance:

1 – Minimize your spending

2 – Maximize your income

3 – Invest your savings

4 – Build assets/businesses


How to Hack Your Housing and Get Paid to Life for Free

Set for Life

Mr. Money Mustache


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