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Patience with Progress

Switching to an optimistic perspective from a pessimistic one is a difficult task. It’s a fundamental shift in how we think and view the world.

Changes are inherently difficult. Not only do you have to recognize that something needs to change, but you have to figure out what you want life to look like after you do.

So what’s the key to making a change or achieving success?

GaryVee's photo and quote, and it got me thinking.

GaryVee’s photo and quote, and it got me thinking.

Hard work is what gets you there, patience is what gives you the persistence to keep working.

Now, if you’ve met me, I have the hard work part down pat. As my friends know, I only have one setting: 400%. I don’t half-ass shit.

Where do I struggle the most?

Fucking patience. I’m the type that likes to see progress, but so much of life happens beneath the surface. There’s no way to see progress when it’s all happening behind the scenes.

I primarily see two types of patience – patience with the world and patience with myself. Patience with the world is something I’ve heard talked about a lot. Put your head down, work hard as fuck, and success is only a matter of time. Patience with the external world is its own form of optimism.

I’ve been focusing on patience with myself lately. It’s easy to compare myself to others and what they’ve accomplished, but that’s like comparing my behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.

I’m learning how to give myself space. Space to fuck up. Space to take chances. Space to make the decisions I want to make.

I’m 21. I’m young as fuck, and growing and learning are a lifelong process. It’s ok that I don’t know everything. Many of life’s best lessons (read: mistakes) come with time. No one expects me to be an expert. This version of me is temporary, and Ben3.0 is a constant work in progress.

I’m going to keep working hard as fuck, but I’ve learned that most of my growth is gradual.  I’m slowly learning how to be patient. It’s a struggle, honestly, but most things that are worth it are.

When I started this blog a few months ago, I thought I wanted to share solely what I’ve learned about personal finance. While that’s a portion of what I want to document, it isn’t all. The numbers will tell a story, and I want to complement them with a narrative. Maybe it’ll be interesting. Maybe it’ll be dry. I’m not a fortune teller, so I can’t say for sure.

I’ll wait to find out.

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