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I Know Nothing – Neither Do You

I don’t know shit, and neither do you.

Now, don’t take it personally. None of us knows shit in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, I may know a decent amount of shit about accounting and finance, but I’m flying blind when it comes to biology or engineering or fashion or countless other topics that others know like the back of their hand.

I have my experiences and my education, but how much does that really amount to?

Honestly, nothing. It may be .000000000001% of the world’s knowledge, and even that is probably an optimistic estimate. But does that even count? Compared to everything we know as a species, my knowledge is a fucking rounding error.

And let’s take this a step further – how much are my experiences really good for? I’m 21 years old. I’m young as fuck. Sure I’ve learned some along the way, but how accurate are those lessons? How can I know whether they’re true or just outliers?

There no fucking way I could know. Hell, even letting time tell what happens may not be the whole picture.

I could be wrong about literally anything I think I know. Just think about what we as a species believed 100 years ago. Who knows what knowledge we’ve yet to stumble across?  

Shit changes and opinions change. That’s why it’s practical to approach life with a sense of uncertainty.

ANYTHING I think I know now could be completely wrong, and I’d be foolish to think otherwise.

Uncertainty doesn’t just apply to what I know either. Life is full of uncertainty.

Will my car break down today? Will the Red Wings be good this season? (They probably won’t) Will the girl I asked to coffee say yes?

Uncertainty is unavoidable, but it’s also a fantastic tool.

Now I know that sounds weird, but let’s think through it. If we assume everything we know and see is true, then we’re stuck where we are now. We aren’t open to new experiences or opinions or opportunities. We close ourselves off from the world around us and from anything new we could learn.

What if we approach life with a sense of uncertainty, though?

At that point, everything we know is subject to scrutiny.

Our world view is totally open to new perspectives. Rather than being stuck, we are constantly aware of how subjective our perspective is.

I think that’s part of why I started doing this whole “vlog” thing – it’s gonna be crazy to see how much I change in my life. I’m gonna learn so much new shit that the Ben from today won’t exist 5 years from now.

I’m excited to see how I’m right and how I’m wrong. I’m excited to see how shit’s gonna change, and, more importantly, I’m excited to see how the world will change.

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