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F-You Money

In Episode 1, we talked about knowing your why. Your purpose is what keeps you on track when shit gets tough. I have to come clean – when I started to save more, I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind. I didn’t know what I was saving for, but I knew I needed to save for something.

I wanted to be ready in case a new challenge or opportunity arose. I wanted to be ready for when shit hit the fan. I wanted to build a position of strength.

I didn’t know exactly what I was saving for until I watched a video from “The Gambler” and read a post from J.L. Collins (who we’ll talk about later on).

I was saving up Fuck You Money.

See, Fuck You Money isn’t about giving up on people or abandoning your friends. F-You Money is simply your castle. It’s your defense. Here’s the clip that made sense to me.

So what’s Fuck You Money? It’s money you have to quit your job and sail around the world. It’s what Elon Musk used to jumpstart Tesla during its first funding round. Fuck You Money is what keeps you sane when recessions are raging. It’s what allows you to take risks and act on opportunities.

I wasn’t able to pinpoint what my savings goal was because I want to build a financial fortress. I want to build my financial position to where I can build and launch companies.

My Fuck You Money came in handy when I burned myself out at my job. I could afford to take the time off I needed to recharge, and it’s what’s allowing me to spend the next few months launching this.

Fuck You Money is my insulation. It’s my life raft. It’s my motivation.

Fuck You Money isn’t my end goal, but it’s what protects me from disasters. It’s what allows me to take risks and seize opportunities, and it’s what will help me build my empire.

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