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Build the Habit

What’s the key to playing any sport? Sure, being born with a skill is a huge advantage, but it doesn’t guarantee success.

The key to excelling in a sport is muscle memory.

No matter how gifted we may be, we’re terrible when we first start playing a new sport. We have no idea what we’re doing and it fucking shows.

But with patience and discipline, we start to learn the basics. In tennis, you learn how to hold the racquet and make a basic groundstroke.

It’s weird at first, but slowly you get better and get in the zone.

As you practice over and over again, it becomes natural. You start by building the basic habit.

As you excel in the sport, that foundation is critical. Sure, you learn other strategies, but it’s all built on the same foundation.

See, you build the habits now and reap the rewards later. That’s exactly what financial success really is. It’s a habit.

It’s about patience and discipline. I struggle with this constantly. It’s fucking hard to see how small habits now can set you up for success.

That’s exactly what happened though. I’ve been building strong financial habits for months and opportunity arose. I had the habit in place, and I thrived. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long-long way to go and a shit-ton to learn. 

But, for now, I’m gonna keep building muscles.

Huge results don’t come overnight, but building habits is key. 

Money management is the same way.

It takes time and dedication just like working out. You can’t wake up and expect to immediately become a millionaire. That shit takes time.

It’s a difficult challenge, it’s painful, and sometimes it just fucking sucks. But, from experience, it’ll pay off.

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